Bhang Bar Triple Strength – Ice Chocolate

Bhang Bar Triple Strength – Ice Chocolate
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The Bhang Triple Promise Guarantee: (From

1. We promise to deliver to you the best tasting Medical cannabis edible products on the planet.

2. We promise to deliver the same precise amount of concentrated THC extract in every piece of cannabis chocolate, in every batch, In every season.

3. We promise to use only state-of-the-art packaging, testing and production processes Safety, quality and consistency are our goal!!!

Bhang Chocolate has been making non-medicated chocolates for years for such retail outlets as Whole Foods. We are focused on crafting Bhang’s award-winning medicated chocolate bars. At Bhang we strive to set industry taste and quality benchmarks. We are committed to remaining the established leader and to continuing to set the standards on how thing should be done. We are founded first and for most in making world class chocolate.

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